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All programs on this page are FREEWARE (for both commercial and non-commercial use). You can put the programs on a CD-ROM, and if you do, please send me notification, and/or a copy of the CD. You are free to send the programs to as many friends and family members as you wish.

Currently available:

19 Mar 2003
A secure Open Source tool for the convenient storing of secret information.

PINs Beta versions and full source code are available to PINs_news group members.
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06 Jul 2002
A handy tool for making screen snapshots.
17 Jul 2002
A small, fast and secure automatic e-mail checker.

This site is NOT compatible with some download accelerators, including GetRight, Go!Zilla and FlashGet(JetCar). If a dead link is reported, download the file using a right click and the "Save to disk file" option, OR change your accelerator's "user-agent name" to, for example, "Netscape" or "Internet Explorer". I can send you the programs attached to an e-mail, if you wish, but you have to make sure that your mailbox is not full :)

I welcome your questions, enhancement requests, improvement suggestions, criticisms, and bug reports. Please discuss them on the Forum or send them to .

New program releases offer multilingual support. If your language is not supported, please consider forwarding a translation, but first send me an e-mail at to ensure that your language is not being worked on. Please read here about translations.

If you want to test early, beta versions, please e-mail to and in the "Subject" line please put "I'd like to beta-test your 'name here' program".

Please support future free versions!


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