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!!! WARNING !!!
DO NOT run RSDemon/RSDraco versions that haven't been downloaded using a link directly from this site. I guarantee these programs are safe in use - they do not spy on you and do not contain any hidden features. I can't guarantee however that some evil programmers will not release hacked versions that could contain content potentially harmful to your computer or your RuneScape account.


RSDemon 4.01 Beta with RSDraco 1.50 Setup

Latest versions: RSDemon and RSDraco for RuneScape™ 2
July 24, 2006. Size: 3.9 MB
MD5 checksum: 559CCCC4AB2EBAEB60833E2B376AC685


Older versions

Latest version: for RuneScape™ 2, June 01, 2006. Size: 3.8 MB
MD5 checksum: 5C68AC95B57288864B613CCFC3A847A7

Version: for RuneScape™ 2, March 12, 2006. Size: 3.5 MB
MD5 checksum: E60F3EAA1C90F27D69F1B3E93D88AE9D

Version for RuneScape™ 2, March 11, 2006. Size: 3.5 MB
MD5 checksum: B91C19505E3869478B4CCF48D104C28E

Version for RuneScape™ 2, February 03, 2006. Size: 3.66 MB


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