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RSDemon and RSDraco Features

Here are some features that make RSDemon the toolkit of players choice:

RSDemon, the toolkit

  • Dynamic skills calculators
  • Multiple players accounts
  • Progress tracking
  • Automatic experience data retrieval
  • Players stats comparing
  • "Top 10 players" generator
  • Graphics data tables
  • Combat and max hit calculator
  • Various RuneScape maps
  • Treasure Trails (clues) solutions
  • Coordinates locator
  • Equipment calculator
  • Multiple notepads
  • Flexible IRC chat system
  • Multiple timers and countdowns
  • Screen and active window grabbing
  • Extensive quests walkthroughs
  • RuneScape guides
  • RuneScape prices guide
  • User-defined links
  • Resizable windows
  • Open data files format
  • RSDemon does not use registry and does not save any information to binary/encrypted files
  • and many many more....

RSDraco, the RuneScape client

  • very flexible user interface
  • RuneScape client
  • comfortable world switchers
  • players stats lookup
  • screen grabbing
  • timers
  • access to RSDemon guides, quests, notes
  • Tears of Guthix monitor
  • IRC chat client
  • Web browsers
  • quick access to RuneScape and RSDemon forums


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