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RSDraco, the new RuneScape client, is work in progress and still misses some important functions like saving program layout between sessions. Some of the planned features are already visible in the user interface but are disabled because they are not finished. Your input on RSDraco is very important. Please visit and post your comments.

RSDraco requires Microsoft .NET Framework v.2 installed (free download from here) and minimum 128MB RAM (256MB recommended.)

Version 4.01.169 Beta with RSDraco 1.50 Beta, Jul 23, 2006

  • New product in the RSDemon Suite - RSDraco - the long-awaited RuneScape Client!   - RSDemon can be configured to check for new versions automatically at program startup.
  • Updated all skills data. In some cases the amount of information in skills calculators even doubled, thanks to the hard work of RSDemon SKILL Team members.
  • New locator type on the World map - teleports (thanks, Bill) - New World Map, more up to date than the original Jagex map (thanks, Herf) - New locator function - search (RSDraco only)
  • New function - Tears of Guthix monitor (RSDraco only)
  • Equipment calculator allows to toggle displaying members items (thanks, Tarajunky.)
  • Integration with RSDemon Community - home of the new RSDemon Team.
  • Two new guides - POH prayer and Specials, and several updated guides, including RuneScape Street Prices.
  • IRC client has been removed from RSDemon and added to RSDraco, where it is implemented much better.
  • The new official RSDemon IRC channel got moved to SeersIRC IRC Network (, channel #RSDemon) - you are welcome to drop in, soon many interesting things will be going on on the channel!

RSDraco v.1.50 Beta features

  • very flexible user interface
  • RuneScape client
  • comfortable world switchers
  • players stats lookup
  • screen grabbing
  • timers
  • access to RSDemon guides, quests, notes
  • Tears of Guthix monitor
  • IRC chat client
  • Web browsers
  • quick access to RuneScape and RSDemon forums.

RSDemon version 3.30.162, Jun 01, 2006

Note: this update hasn't been planned. The real (HUGE) update is scheduled for the end on June. We release RSDemon 3.30 to help you master the new skill introduced yesterday - Construction!

  • New skill - Construction!
  • New World Map.
  • Restored function to submit corrections to RSDemon.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.
  • History of training - columns width is adjusted to their content.
  • Launch of a new RSDemon Community site -

RSDemon version 3.25.153, Mar 12, 2006

  • New improved Combat Calculator (is it finally perfect?)
  • Bugfix: Runecrafting stats reading (peering players, history, Top 10)
  • Bugfix: Restoring position of dialog windows.

RSDemon version 3.20.151, Mar 11, 2006

  • RSDemon has a new Home -
  • Re-enabled information submitting (you are more than welcome to send us corrections, updates, guides, quests or comments.)
  • Skills calculator data can be filtered based on predefined groups.
  • Nearly all skills calculators got updated.
  • New utility - RSDEdit - editor for equipment items (requires installed DOT.NET framework 2.0)
  • Updated equipment calculator.
  • Restored "Peer RuneScape worlds" function.
  • New World Map.
  • New Treasure Trails.
  • Several new quests.

RSDemon Online, Mar 02, 2006

  • New calculator - Compare Players
  • Updated various skills data.
  • New Treasure Trails.

RSDemon version 3.14.145, Feb 03, 2006

  • Emergency update - RSDemon updated to the changed RuneScape High Scores server.
  • Some data got updated, but there may be unfinished sections due to necessity of releasing the program updated to new high scores servers a.s.a.p.
  • Several new quests and guides.

RSDemon version 3.12.140, Aug 19, 2005

  • Al-Kharid Large Rune Chest (Sudoku game) solver.
  • Updated average street prices.
  • Minor corrections and additions in calculators.

RSDemon version 3.11.136, Aug 06, 2005

  • RSDemon updated to the changed RuneScape High Scores server.
  • Settings - possibility to configure if more than one column can be frozen in the data grid.
  • Repaired bug with sorting calculator data by clicking the column header.
  • Repaired bug with resizing calculator data grid columns.
  • Repaired bug with displaying images in Magic calculator.
  • Repaired bug with saving the minimizing to tray setting. Default is now FALSE. Go to settings to re-enable minimizing to the tray.
  • World Map - new locations, monsters and NPCs.

RSDemon version 3.10.134, Aug 04, 2005

  • Calculator for the new skill - farming. Many thanks to all players who helped, especially to DudeAmI0, Omega Nova0, Anwar Ruan and Shiro Soldier!
  • Reading player stats no longer requires confirming.
  • Status bar of the main window shows the (still not perfect) combat level of the active player.
  • RSDemon icon in the system tray offers access to several most often used functions of the program (right-click it).
  • Most of calculator grids contain frozen columns for easier horizontal scrolling.
  • New guides.
  • Many corrections and additions in data, calculators, guides, quests and clues.
  • New World Map.

RSDemon version 3.00.125 Beta, Jul 09, 2005

  • New feature - user-defined labels that can be assigned to players. Labels allow to organize players into for example friends, enemies, clans, buyers, sellers. If you use Google Mail - you'll feel like at home.
  • New feature - possibility to filter players having a specified label assigned. This way we can for example quickly identify our lobsters buyers or friendly clan members.
  • New feature - Top 10 list can now be generated for players having specified label(s) assigned.
  • The setting "include in Top 10" removed from players' settings. This setting has now been converted into the "Clan" label.
  • New players settings window, with possibility to write notes about players (for example where do we know him from, what does he owe us, e-mail/AIM/MSN details etc.), and assign labels.
  • New information about Runescape players - date of the first and last contact.
  • New feature - results of reading High Scores for all players are displayed in a grid allowing comparing and sorting experience of different players.
  • Option for minimizing the main program window to the system tray (near the clock.)
  • Text menu offering easy access to most of the program functions.
  • New option - "History of training", allowing to browse experience gained in all skills in particular days.
  • New option - standalone "Player settings", containing notes on the player and some configuration items.
  • New guides and quests.
  • Program prepared to handle a new skill - Farming.
  • Increased resolution and look of progress bars.
  • Progress bars use two colors now.
  • World Map - hundreds of new locations, submitted by RSDemon users. Thank You!
  • Lots of corrections and additions in data, calculators, guides, quests and clues. Again - big Thank You to all who helped!
  • The prayer calculator presents now the experience and required count of ground bones in a more convenient way.
  • RSDemon registers the extension .rsd used for storing player details. This means you can now double-click an .rsd file to start RSDemon with the selected player active. Or create links pointing to different users.

RSDemon version 2.83.114 Beta, Jun 16, 2005

  • World Map - three new locators: "Resources", for defining locations like particular tree types or ore rocks, "Quests start locations" and "Miscellaneous" locations.
  • World Map - hundreds of new locations, submitted by RSDemon users. Thank You! 
  • Over 200 (two hundred!) corrections and additions in data, calculators, guides, quests and clues. Again - big Thank You to all who helped!
  • Many new quest solutions and guides.
  • New Runecrafting calculator (yes, tiaras, pouches and multis are in!)
  • Submitting form - new [Clear] button allows to remove the existing contents of the message box.
  • Repaired bug with submitting information when the program is "Always on top".
  • Other minor bug fixes.

RSDemon version 2.81.109 Beta, May 27, 2005

  • RSDemon updated to the changed high scores server. (also released as a quick fix 2.81.108)
  • Equipment calculator contains now all Barrows weapons and armour.
  • Prayer calculator contains ground bones.
  • Two new quests.
  • Several guides updated.
  • Some minor data corrections and additions.

RSDemon version 2.80.106 Beta, May 22, 2005

  • RuneScape World Map is now shown in a standalone resizable window.
  • World Map - Locator module, with interface for locating places, NPCs, Monsters, Item respawn, utilities, user locations, and Coordinates.
    (I need your help in defining locators data. If you want to contribute, read help in the new World Map window or contact me)
  • RSDemon user comments/additions/corrections submission system.
  • Agility calculator contains multiple runes information as well.
  • Calculator data are displayed much faster.
  • User images - two new options in the local menu: 
    - Copy image to the clipboard
    - Explore the folder with images
  • New World Map.
  • New guides and quests' walkthroughs.
  • New configuration item - if to show levels greater than 99 (default is no.)
  • When changing active skill the first line in the skill grid becomes active.
  • Updated calculator data for nearly all skills.
  • Default IRC server changed to ''. Previous server, '', stopped working. Users updating their RSDemon installations need to do this change manually using the settings dialog. 
  • Option for word wrapping in the data grid moved to program settings.
  • Repaired deleting of the just created and not saved yet notes.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.
  • Minor bug fixes.

RSDemon version 2.70.89 Beta, Mar 16, 2005

  • The main window of the program can stay on top of all other windows (feature not fully finished yet and needs more testing.)
  • Calculators can now also include items not giving experience, like guilds level requirements.
  • "Peer player's stats" and "Top 10" windows are shown on the Windows task bar.
  • Reworked agility calculator, with images.
  • New option "Peer RuneScape servers".
  • Completed Equipment calculator.
  • Added new items from the Lumbridge Swamp Cave (in Slayer, Combat, Firemaking and Crafting skills).
  • Links - a new section for the clans' links.
  • The main RSDemon window snaps to the screen edges.
  • Updated "Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Centre" data.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.
  • Minor bug fixes.

RSDemon version 2.61.86, Mar 07, 2005

  • Completed Equipment calculator.
  • Sorting on any bonus in Equipment calculator.
  • Updated Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Centre data.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.
  • Minor bug fixes.

RSDemon version 2.60.84, Feb 26, 2005

  • New module - Equipment calculator.
  • New options for displaying or hiding free and members items in all calculators.
  • Top 10 list - 4 predefined most popular formatting versions: HTML, phpBB, EZBoard, and Invision.
  • Added skill images in the calculators and the progress graph.
  • Updated Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Centre data.
  • The setting for displaying graphics in the grid is saved between sessions.
  • Combo boxes with players' names, weapons, equipments, etc. show more items to make scrolling easier.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions (Thank You to Arieder and CelticFever).

RSDemon version 2.52.80, Feb 11, 2005

  • A new option for checking if a new version of RSDemon is available for downloading.
  • New World Map.
  • Coordinates locator in Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Centre shows dynamic coordinates.
  • "Top 10 players" - repaired bug allowing for max. 100 players on the list.
  • "Top 10 players" - list generation made much faster.
  • Updated Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Centre data.
  • Greatly extended calculator data, mainly in Combat, Slyer, Prayer and Firemaking.

RSDemon version 2.50.77, Feb 01, 2005

  • New skill - Monster Slayer.
  • Added new Canifis agility training areas.
  • Updated Average Street Prices.
  • Added nearly all new monsters.
  • Treasure Trails window no longer stays on top of all other windows.
  • Progress bars show now the progress according to the selected mode: next, goal, or global level.
  • Updated Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Centre
  • New option for word-wrapping longer texts in calculator grids.
  • Repaired bug where erasing the experience or goal level caused an error message.
  • Repaired bug in calculating total levels and experience, shown in the status bar
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.

RSDemon version 2.40.73, Jan 11, 2005

  • Mugol's Treasure Trails Solution Center - complex solutions to all kinds of clues.
  • "Top 10" window restores last position and size.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.

RSDemon version 2.31.70, Jan 03, 2005

  • Improvements in the "Top 10" generator:
    - possibility to create lists for all players
    - the count of considered players is shown
    - all settings are saved between sessions
  • New World Map
  • Updated calculator data for combat, thieving, cooking, crafting and agility
  • Added images for thieving
  • Updated all images for crafting, fishing, and cooking

RSDemon version 2.30.67, Dec 13, 2004

  • New option - generate "Top 10 players" for every skill, with many configuration options
  • Possibility to enter short notes about all defined players - perfect place to enter where you know this player from or his/her forum nick...
  • Compare players - number of '>' shows how much the player is more experienced in a skill
  • Option for excluding particular players from the global High Scores check
  • Option for excluding particular players from the "Top 10 players" list
  • Increased resolution of progress bars
  • After retrieving High Scores for all defined players a short summary of progress is displayed.
  • New guides:
    - Mike's Combat Training Guide
    - Noonker's Fishing Miniguide
  • A few new quest walkthroughs
  • Updated data for most skills
  • New World Map

RSDemon version 2.20.62, Oct 30, 2004

  • A new option for retrieving High Scores for all defined players
  • A new option "Compare players", available on the "Offline tools" page and on the main toolbar
  • A new page - "Links", allowing to use predefined and adding own links related to RS
  • Progress graph - two new graphs - total level and total experience
  • Progress graph - colors of lines changed to better visible ones
  • Numerous data and quests corrections and additions.

RSDemon version 2.10.58 Beta, Jul 15, 2004

  • Data for all skills calculators updated to RS2
  • Most of quests walkthroughs updated to RS2 - updated quests are marked with (rs2 ok) at the bottom
  • Map preview panel is visible for all big images, not only for base maps
  • Combat level calculator seems to be finally correct
  • Peering - list of players is sorted
  • Peering - new button "Delete player"
  • Peering - repaired bug with attack stats reading

RSDemon version Alpha, May 11, 2004

  • RSDemon updated to the changed high scores server.
  • Updated herblore calculator.

RSDemon version Alpha, May 06, 2004

  • Start of process of making RSDemon RS2 compatible.
  • Many data adjusted, some quests updated, first images taken.

RSDemon version Beta, Nov 25, 2003

  • High Scores reading adjusted to the new changed RuneScape High Scores list.
  • Built-in minibrowser temporarily removed due to a memory leak.
  • Many data corrections (thanks, BPlaya.)
  • Default IRC server changed to (previous server,, is too often offline.)
  • On your request - updated image with Mugol's stats ;)

RSDemon version Beta, Nov 15, 2003

  • IRC chat interface, with predefined and user-selectable channels.
  • Max hit calculator.
  • Possibility to execute RuneSpace in built-in minibrowser.
  • Detailed RuneScape quests solutions for all available quests.
  • Several RuneScape guides.
  • All tooltips are shown for easier reading in the status bar as well.
  • Experience calculator - detailed tooltips for the next level and goal level requirements.
  • Optional transparency for all forms (Win 2000/XP only).
  • Calculating totals of players on servers.
  • More configurable colors.
  • Simpler user images deleting with the <Del> key.

RSDemon version Alpha, Oct 13, 2003

  • Progress graph.
  • Combat calculator.
  • Images in skill calculator tables.
  • Numerous data corrections and additions.

RSDemon version Alpha, Oct 03, 2003

  • New Wilderness map.
  • Configurable timers and countdowns.
  • Enhancements in the user interface.
  • Experience table.
  • "Experience needed" display (as gauge hints).
  • Notes renaming/deleting.
  • Numerous corrections both in program and skills data.
  • Configurable sounds.

RSDemon version Alpha, Sep 27, 2003

  • The first public version.
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