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I have written only one public Palm program, Yahdice, and it has been very warmly received. Thank you!

Yahdice is an award-winning, feature-rich PalmOS 2.0+ clone of the world's most popular family dice game, Yahtzee™. You can play Yahdice both alone or in a group. Yahdice is free, but your donations are gladly accepted!

Full source code of version 2.01 is available to Yahdice group members.
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Some Yahdice 2.01 features:
Original Yahtzee™ rules * 1-4 players * Saved 8 high-scores * Internet-based high scores list * Undo last scoring feature * Scoring hints * Configuration * Game resuming * Nice graphics, sounds and animations * Easy game play * Online help * Small size * Gremlin-tested * Open Source * And more... 

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Rated 5/5 at Tucows.com

What's new

v.2.01, 15 Feb 2002
- A small correction allowing Visor users to submit their high scores. Many thanks to Mark Eagle and Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek for helping me in solving the problem.

v.2.00, 10 Feb 2002
- Yahdice went Open Source!
- Yahdice Global High Scores List has started!
- Hall of Fame - High scores submitting function.
- New feature - optional dice auto-sorting.

v.1.55, 06. Jul 2001
- Subtotal over/under online calculation.
- Clearing high scores confirmation.

v.1.52, 08. Feb 2001
- Obeying the general Palm system sounds settings.
- Clearing high scores - possibility to preserve more than one high score.

v.1.51, 02. Feb 2001
- Restored "delicate sounds", available in the first version.
- More colors in the user interface.


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Some user comments

Yahdice has to be one of my all time favourite PalmOS applications! It does everything I need and could want from a game. It's quick, easy to use, flexible, takes up very little memory. The new version 2.0 highscore facility only adds to the appeal! Lets hope that my highscore stays in the top ten!
     - David Steele (aka DervMan), UK

I've been using your Yahdice for a long time now. It's much better than other Yahtzee games out there- I like it because 4 humans can all play at the same time. The new over/short addition really helps too. We were doing that already but had to think a minute between turns. My friends and I consider ourselves 'hardcore' at this, much to the amusement of the other regulars at the restaurant where we go for coffee. Hearing strange lingo from our table is a common occurrence: "I'm 3 down on the left side, but I'll take the 4 of a kind anyway. I still got my chance." Another example: Current standings show our oldest HOF entry to be in the beginning of June and the lowest score on it is 422. We really love it!
Neil Rossin

Just wanted to write to say thanks for a great little game which helps while away the time on the bus getting to and from work.
- Tony Davison

Mirek is to be commended! Most excellent version of Yahtzee I have seen so far. I especially like playing it on my IIIc, as the difference in background colors (as opposed to greyscale version) is nice to look at. Get it; it is addictive. BTW my highest score is 502!
- George Davall

Simply the BEST Yahtzee implementation you will find. GREAT user interface!! SMALL footprint - compare this with Yahtzee clones that take WAY more memory - THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!!!
Hints about where to score are great - the display is perfect, there are others out there but compared to this they suck! My only gripe: seems like when you start a new game you frequently get a full-house the first series of rolls (if not the first roll!). Otherwise, I DEFY YOU TO FIND A BETTER, COOLER LOOKING, BETTER PLAYING , LESS MEMORY version of Yahtzee for your Palm. Go ahead, I DARE YOU!!!!! Oh yeah - did I mention that I like it?? TRY IT. NOW!!!!! IF YOU ARE STILL READING THIS YOU ARE WASTING VALUABLE TIME - DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY.........!
- Steve Ettinger

Lots of fun for my whole family. My daughter asks for my Visor to play this game with her younger brother or her friends when we are riding in the car! Keeps them entertained and (relatively) quiet. I use it for short 'brain breaks' as a relaxation tool. Highly recommended!
- Anonymous

This is a great game!!! probably my favorite game for the palm pilot. I play it a lot, and was getting really good, then my wife got on and scored a 624!!! Now she won't let me play because she wants to keep her high score!
- Jarrod Davies

Mirek, congratulations on your implementation of Yahtzee. What an excellent game you've develop. I do some Palm OS development myself so I can appreciate the cleanness of the design and how robust it is.
- Jorge Rimblas

Lovingly crafted with great attention to detail. Just like real Yahtzee but with many nice extras to make it easier and more fun. (My only possible concern is that the randomness of the random number generator may need improving.)
- Roy E

This is a great game! I really like that you can play alone or with others. The only bad thing is, once you start to play it is hard to stop! My high score is 525.
- Reesa Lawton

YOUR GAME IS GREAT!!! Thank you very much for it !!!!. Hey, why don't you make it open-source. People could help to develop it!
- Bernhard Fuchs

None better! Yahtzee(tm) is a great game and this a great program that is just like the original. Get it, but expect Yahdice to steal a lot of your free time;-)
- Dennis Pipper

I would to thank you for writing such a great game.. Its just the sort of thing I have been looking for for a long time and its great for passing the time.
- Jon P Weaver

Best game I've ever downloaded. Excellent user interface. Good selection of preferences. Having the capability for multiple players is great for me and the kids. I may never get my Palm back from them!
- Patrick D

I love your Yahdice for the Palm! I'm a programmer, and I appreciate the good job you did.
- Dan Thomas

I'd like to congratulate you for creating the most addictive game ever on Palm OS!
- Michel Laliberte

Thanks for the email... as I read your email I was also playing Yahdice to pass the time in between internet load time... it works great!!!! I have reloaded and not had any "freezes". You did an awesome job with this game. My 6 yr old on up loves this!
- Janet

My Highscore is 714 done on 23.Jan 2001. This is a great game. I like it very much. Thanks for programming it.
- Frank Hullerum

Thanks for a wonderful Palm game. I use it on my Palm IIIc all the time.
- Eaton Bill

My wife and I can't put this down. My wife just got a 622 by getting 4 honest to goodness Yahdices. Awesome version of the classic. How about a version that does Triple Yahdice?
- Jeff Witorsch

I have tried other Yahtzee type games on the Visor and none compare to this one. It allows to keep track of high scores with the date it was accomplished, you can have four players play at the same time and it even tells you what you have scored with each roll making it mistake free! Great!
- Henry Engel

Before your game, I never bothered with any Yahtzee type game. However your program made it real interesting.
- Jasmeet Singh

The perfect game, end of story! Thank you very much for making the change concerning sound settings. Of course, the real reason I'm writing another review is to report that my high score is now 615! My second and third highest are 610 and 539. Once again, excellent game, kudos to the developer.
    - Al Hirt

Hey nice game especially when sitting on the you know what.
- Dave

I love Yahdice. It looks great and is the best I've seen. I love to play Yahtzee. Thank you!
- Andy Fullerton

Downloaded your Palm program yesterday, much time being wasted and much fun being had with it, thanks.
- Martin Doonan

I never knew how to play a "Yahtzee(tm)"-type game until I downloaded Yahdice. This game is excellent and the author listens to your suggestions! :-) Great job!
    - Dave H

This is a great game. I am addicted to it. There is another bug I have found, (...) when you achieve a second Yahdice on the same player, you can keep selecting Yahdice over and over again and it keeps adding 100 points to you yahdice until you get tired of adding them. So I achieved a high score of 1571, I could have keep going but I got tired of doing it. Other than that, if you have the patience to do it over and over again try to beat that high score.
    - Todd Glassford

Mirek, just wanted to say Yahdice is a great program. Thanks for making it available for free.
- Jeff Rausch

Version 2.0! YES! What a great, solid game...I had another yahtzee clone, but after getting Yahdice, the old one went bye-bye! I love how the game shows you all the possible scores of each roll, and how the second group of categories flicker to let you know you have scored one of them! The BEST Yahtzee for PALM OS I've seen. (I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe and this version works wonderfully) If you want yahtzee for your PDA, THIS IS THE ONE!
    - Kay M

GREAT game! Thank you! 
You have no idea how many times I had to recharge my Palm-V because of this game! ;-)
     - Tal Katzir, Israel

Thanks for a brilliant game - I used to play another palm game of yahtzee, but your version blows it away. I can't think of anyway you can improve on it!
     - Mike Deering, UK

Please support future free versions!


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