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Family: Larger than Life

Type: totalistic or outer totalistic with or without decay, in extended neighborhood

This game extends Conway's Game of Life to larger neighborhoods given by Range and one of two available neighborhoods. A birth occurs at x if the population within its neighborhood (x included or not) lies in the interval [BMin, BMax]. Site x stays occupied if the count is in [SMin, SMax]. Thus Conway's Game is range 1 Box with values [3,3], [3,4], respectively. Additionally the history known from the Generations family can be defined.

Larger than Life rules notation

The notation of Larger than Life rules has the "R,C,M,S,B,N" form, where:
R - specifies the range (1..10)
C - specifies the count of states, 0..25. A value smaller than 3 means the history is not active. Values greater than 2 activate the history, with the given count of states.
M - specifies activity of the center (middle) cell. 1 is on, 0 is off.
S - specifies a range of firing neighbors necessary for the cell to survive. Example: S2..15.
B - specifies a range of firing neighbors necessary for the cell to be born. Example: B7..11.
N - specifies the neighborhood type: NM stands for extended Moore (box), NN for extended von Neumann.

MCell built-in Larger than Life rules

Name Character Rule Description
Bugs Chaotic R5,C0,M1, S34..58, B34..45,NM The rule is full of seriously endangered species in the crowded environment of the rule's characteristic dynamics. It was discovered while exploring LtLife phase space on the CAM8 cellular automaton machine.
A lot of objects and patterns for the rule have been found by Richard Gradischnegg.
A rule by Kellie Evans.
Bugsmovie Chaotic R10,C0,M1, S123..212, B123..170,NM This rule produces various bugs (gliders) and blinkers (oscillators) in a range 10 Box Larger than Life rule.
A rule by David Griffeath.
Globe Expanding R8,C0,M0,S163..223, B74..252,NM Dense-enough to survive small starting patterns form circular shapes that resemble planets watched from spaceships.
A rule by Mirek Wojtowicz.
Gnarl Exploding R1,C0,M1, S1..1, B1..1,NN This simple rule, started from a configuration of several diagonally adjacent occupied cells grows fractals and snowflakes. The rule was named in homage to Rudy Rucker. His book "Artificial Life Lab" (Waite Group, 1993) suggests that the three fundamental characteristics of life are gnarl, sex and death. Check it out...
A rule by Kellie Evans.
Majority Stable R4,C0,M1,S41..81, B41..81,NM An example of a voter model; a range 4 Box has 81 cells, so each party needs 41 or more for a local majority. Start from a completely random initial state with equal densities of 0 and 1 states. Use single step to observe massive self-organization, smoothing of the edges, two-color tessellation, convexification, and erosion of bounded regions. Next run it up to the moment it fixates.
A rule by David Griffeath.
Majorly Expanding R7,C0,M1,S113..225, B113..225,NM Another case of a voter model of range 7. The rule, when started from a random soup of 1s, slowly covers the lattice. Select many colors and an alternative coloring method to achieve beautiful pictures.
A rule by David Griffeath.
ModernArt Chaotic R10,C255,M1,S2..3, B3..3,NM Most simple patterns expand into lines and blocks of color, except for the really simple ones, which form stable power blocks (literally).
A rule by Charles A. Rockafellor.
Waffle Expanding R7,C0,M1,S100..200, B75..170,NM The rule, when started from small filled areas, produces beautiful 'waffles'.
Intrigued by the delicate transient droplet patterns, Kellie Evans segued into 'engineering' mode in search of the perfect waffle. She discovered that for the LgtL given here, if we start from a radius 10 lattice circle, then the waffle appears to grow 'perfectly' for more than 70 updates before beginning to unravel.
A rule by Kellie Evans.


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